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What is the clearance on your wash bays? Elkridge:
  • Self-Serve Bays:(3) 9ft bays, (1) 12ft bay Soft Cloth Tunnel and Touchfree Automatic: 7ft
  • Self-Serve Bays: (4) 8ft bays, (1) 10ft bay, Touchfree  Automatic: 7ft
  • Self-Serve Bays: (3) 7ft, (1) 8.6ft Touchfree Automatic: (2) 7ft
  • Self-Serve Bays: (3) 8ft Touchfree Automatic: (1) 7ft
  • Self-Serve Bays: (2) 9ft, (1) 10ft Touchfree Automatic:(2) 7ft
Something didn’t work correctly or lost something? What are our hours of operation?
  • All locations offer 24hr facilities, with the exception of our Elkridge Cloth Tunnel being open from (8am-7pm Mon-Saturday / 9am-5pm Sunday)
  • K&G Detailing 10am-5pm (call for availability)
Do we offer interior or full service options?
  • No, all interior is self-serve. We offer touchless, cloth, detailing (Catonsville) options for the exterior of the vehicle at our Catonsville location. Refer to the Services page for pricing and offerings.  
I have a charge on my card that doesn’t match up.
  • All charges are subject to a preauthorization charge. This will adjust to correct charge in 24hr (Monday if charge occurred during weekend.)
I recently purchased a membership, and an attendant was not at the location Do you have shampoo brushes for the interior?
  • Yes, all of our locations include shampoo and fragrance machines; some of which are part of the vacuums
How many times can I wash my vehicle with the monthly membership?
  • Members are allowed to wash once a day, every day. Members are billed each month of the day of when they signed up.
I purchased a new vehicle or replaced my windshield and need a new RFID tag.
  • An attendant can assist you in providing new RFID as needed. This is a $5 replacement fee.
I need to cancel my membership.
  • You may cancel at any time via our website or in person at our locations.
Can I add another vehicle?
  • No, each car must have its own plan. ($29.95 lowest per car)
What if I buy my membership after hours?
  • Please call phone number on receipt to schedule tag installation.
Will I be able to use my membership for the rest of the month after I fill out a cancellation form?
  • Yes, you will be able to use your membership up until your expiration date of this month, which is what would have been your billing date.